It will be able to record in study digital system, with more the hi-res for the compact disc edition. Value per hour of recording: $ 40 (u$s 14) include engineer of sound and taxes. Discount for bands by packages of hours.

When you finish recording your production and wishes to talk back in amount to be able to sell it, its disc must "masterizar", stabilizing it, controlling the structure of the disc, times of cut, track, mixes, effects, equalization, expansion, limitation, etc. Price of the Mastering Full: $ 30 (u$s 15) by subject.

Of CD CD, DAT to CD, Minidisc to CD, CD Cassette, lP to CD, CD Floppy disk.

Cassettes, Vinyls (Elimination of Tape Noise - Clicks and Pops) grafica.

Graphical designers will make for you the best cover of their CD or Cassette with their photography, logo, drawing and text to election. SERVICES (English) That the text of above translates your friend to the English. PLAYBACS AND PRICES (English) Download (listed of playbacks that your friend translates)